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Re: wake on lan with onboard amd 97c972 (pcnet32) card

Felipe Leon schreef:
Hello all,
I have this little server pentium III or smthing. I
have debian 3.1 on it and have been struggling to get
wol capability without success. The onboard card
(email subject) works flawless with the pcnet32 driver
but the wol characteristics dont show up when using
ethtool so wake on lan doesnt work. I activated wol
already in the bios. I bought one of these rtl8139
cards and put it in one of the pci slots. Ethtool
shows the wol option, I set it to wake on magic
packet, but still it doesnt wake up the computer. I
have tested the etherwake program with other systems
(same router and so on) and it works fine.
Anybody with experience about this?
Any help greatly appreciated.


If you put in another NIC, then you have to connect it to the wol header
on your motherboard, with a small plug. I take it you have done so?
If so, then perhaps a BIOS upgrade will help (doubtfull).


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