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Re: /etc/printcap problem

Hi Ramasubramanian,

> I bought a new brother (HL5250DN) printer and wanted to hook it up using
> its 10/100 network port. It needs a speical filter (if=xxx) to run. But
> I can't get to use filter and remote print simultaneously. If put the
> following in /etc/printcap

What print spooler are you using? LPRng? When that is the case, you should do
something like this:

:rm=<ip address>:\

or, when JetDirect is supported:

:lp=<ip address>%9100:\

Please note that the "rp" option stand for "remote printer queue", that is,
the name of the printer queue on your target printer. Some printers can be
picky about this one (ie. HP 9850), but many (most?) are quite happy without
that option.



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