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Re: RAID Sizes (was Re: Why do people in the UK put a u in the word color?)

Willie Wonka wrote:

IOW - Is this how one would correctly display these rates ?
1500mbps = 1.5gbps = 187.5mBps = 1.875gBps ?

I think you mean 1500Mbps = 1.5Gbps = 187.5MBps = 1.875GBps

As you can see the capitalized 'B' appears a tad ...'out of place'(?),
but it's likely /very/ necessary, in order to maintain clarity.

If you're at all familiar with SI it shouldn't look out of place.
Consider the scaled units mA, GW, kV, mPa, etc.

While I may over-annunciate and over-emphasize when referring to
"Bytes", instead of "bits" (via my use of GB/MB/KB vs. gb/mb/kb),

Why are you changing the capitalization of the prefix letters there?


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