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arp syntax help

Can you please share the syntax for 

manually adding ip & MAC address permenantly 

i am doing 

arp -s 22:33:55:gf:34:22 permenent

but its not working 

also how to delete one MAC entry

( at 00:08:C7:AA:7F:3E [ether] on eth0
? ( at 00:C1:26:11:0B:81 [ether] on eth0
? ( at 00:10:83:01:50:8C [ether] on eth0
? ( at 00:60:97:BF:CD:D5 [ether] on eth0
? ( at 00:08:C7:DA:DB:C7 [ether] on eth0
? ( at 00:02:A5:86:8F:40 [ether] on eth0

arp -d
 but its not deleting the whole entry

can you help ?

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