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Re: Wireless Network Cards

> Is it as easy as pluging the card in and it all just working, or do I
> need to install some other packages? I'm running Etch with a 2.6 kernel.

It depends on your card. And most probably (if you go out and just buy
some random card) it will involve some work. It may even be impossible
if you pick the wrong card.

You might want to google around for supported cards. Chipsets which I
have positive experience with are prism54, ipw2100, ipw2200 and the
atheros chips (supported by madwifi). All except the latter one are in
the vanilla kernel (but I don't think there are PCI versions of the ipw
chips). It helps if you know how to compile a custom kernel and/or how
to compile kernel modules against the appropriate linux-headers package.

Your biggest problem will be to find out what chipset a specific card
you are holding in your hands has. But every project I mentioned
maintains some sort of compatiblity list.

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