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Re: sa-exim with per-user config

Paul Johnson wrote:
>>     Who's settings do you use?

> Both.

>>     Even worse, which Bayesian database do you 
>> use?

> Both.


> Has nothing been done to fix this?

    Again, how?  You're not grasping that it is not possible with how mail
works.  And that's not even getting into how unix works.  Like I said, you
cannot accept/reject independently so it isn't even tried.  Another question,
exactly how are you going to read these databases?  Remember, Exim and thus
sa-exim/exiscan are running as Debian-Exim.

    If you really think this is broken, be my guest and fix it.  But do as I
suggested previously and read the Exim-users archives as to why it works as it
does and why it ain't broken.

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