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Re: esound clobbers OSS?

On Saturday 06 May 2006 16:47, Marty wrote:
> My system is stock Sarge, with Gnome and stock Debian kernel.
> I rarely use OSS programs, and when I did try to use one recently I found
> that OSS was not working.  After some investigation I found that it started
> working again after I unchecked the "enable sound server startup" option in
> the Gnome applications->desktop preferences->sound dialog box.  Now all
> programs seem to have sound, but I can only run one OSS program at a time.
> (ALSA programs still share the soundcard.)

This isn't an OSS or esound limitation.  Your sound card can only play one 
sound at a time.  Esound can work around this for esound-enabled programs.  
But what you really want in the long run is something like a SoundBlaster 128 
Live!, which costs only $30 and can play many sounds at once.

Paul Johnson
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