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AMD 64 on HP laptop

I have a HP Pavilion dv8000z laptop with a 2.0 ghz AMD Turion, a gig of ram, and dual 80 gig hard drives. I have tried to install the AMD 64 version of Sarge twice on this machine. Both times it has been so slow I've given up and installed the 32 bit version of Sarge. I just did, or should say attempted, an 64 bit install today. It took 55 minutes to do a base install from a netinstall cd, 10 minutes of which it spent on just loading the kernel-image package. I can complete a default 32 bit Sarge desktop install in approximately the same amount of time. I started my install at 11:15 this morning, it is now 12:59, and the system is just now unpacking the downloads for a default desktop install. That's 1 3/4 hours and it hasn't even begun setting up packages yet. This install will probably take at least 3 hours to complete, if not more.

Anyone know why this is so slow? I would have completed the same default desktop bit install an hour ago on this machine if I had installed the 32 bit version of Sarge. Running 32 bit sarge or sid this laptop is every bit the equal of my 32 bit desktop machines of similar cpu speed even though it only has 4200 rpm hard drives and my desktops have 7200 rpm hard drives. The 64 bit version of Debian makes this thing crawl. It takes at least 8 - 10 seconds to open Firefox. The 32 bit install opens Firefox in less than 1/2 the time.


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