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search and replace code in php or html files


I am entrusted this little task of making a slight change in a website.
The site was made by somebody, I believe, in Windows, probably with
Dreamweaver or Frontpage. I do not have these application to work with
and moreover, most of my work is on Linux machines.

The problem is to change a particular link in all the pages. I assume
the webpages were made using a template. If I were to search and replace
a particular string with a the new desired one, I would be done. Could
somebody suggest the best way to use grep and sed to make these changes?
The main problems are matching HTML code over a number of lines and
replacing all of them. I am not averse to using perl either if I could
get a starting point. All relevant suggestions are welcome. BTW, I have
Debian Etch and Sid machines here on which I can work, if it matters.

As an aside, given the webpage, is there anyway I can guess what
application was used to make them? Dreamweaver, frontpage, ??


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