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Re: kernel upgrade message

On Thu, May 04, 2006 at 03:47:28PM -0700, kruton wrote:
> Debian Unstable, running 2.6.16-1-486 on i386
> platform.
> These days I get the following message from Debian
> Configuration when I 'apt-get upgrade'.. Any idea why
> its trying to install the same kernel image...
  <snip standard debconf message>

It's updating the kernel image.  Often due to security/usability fixes.
It's not trying to do anything nasty, it's fairly standard, especially
on unstable.  You will, however, probably want to reboot soon as the
linux-image-<foo> packages are built with a lot of things as
modules, and you may not be able to load modules without rebooting.

Christopher Nelson -- chris@cavein.org
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