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choosing double size crashes/hangs xmms in Sid


If I choose Preferences->Double Size gui from xmms, the xmms windows
goes black and I have to kill the xmms process to get xmms working
again. And this happens no matter which skin I choose. Is somebody else
experiencing this as well?

The system is Debian Sid running on 2.6.16-1-686 kernel. And
$> dpkg -l xmms* | grep ^ii
ii  xmms               1.2.10+cvs20060429-1 Versatile X audio player
ii  xmms-flac          1.1.2-3.1            Free Lossless Audio Codec -
XMMS input plugi
ii  xmms-skins         0.6-1                Skins for XMMS


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