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Re: Accessing mail from remote

On Thu, 2006-05-04 at 15:06 +0200, Mauro Condarelli wrote:
> Hi,
> I use Mozilla to read my mail.
> I have full control of my MTA.
> I do receive mail either via smtp or via fetchmail.
> Mail is then moved from system mailbox to local folder by Mozilla 
> Thunderbird.
> Mozilla Thunderbird uses mailbox formatted files.
> So far so good.
> The problem:
> I would like to access my archived mail from remote, possibly from 
> behind a firewall.
> That would mean to set up a web server on my firewall or somewhere in DMZ.
> I know that much, but after that I'm in the dark.
> What should I install?
> I do not need anything fancy, just a web interface to read mail *from 
> mailboxes in my HOME*.
> If that proves too complex I can do with a pop3 (I already have qpopper 
> installed on my firewall/mail server) server that can serve out my 
> archived mail (currently I can only see my unread mail via pop3. i.e.: 
> the mail that sits in /var/mail/...).
> Is there an easy way to achieve this?
> TiA
> Mauro


I suggest a simple server that fetches your mail from all your inboxes
and then an imap server to serve it to clients. This way, you can read
your mail from everywhere, and always see the same messages and stuff.

I have this setup running perfectly: fetchmail, courier-imap (ssl),
spamassassin, filtering with procmail, SMTPS (postfix, to send mails
from networks without smtp available or from my laptop (no need to
constantly switch smtp's)) and to finish the job: squirrelmail for web
access (apache2).

I read my mail mostly in evolution, but occasionaly when I'm on a
foreign system I use the webmail, which is pretty awesome.

I believe that, if you're going to setup a webserver anyway that this
might be quite a good solution!

Philippe De Ryck

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