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Re: Compiling packages for the standard distribution with -Os instead of -O2

On Wed, 03 May 2006, Rogério Brito wrote:
> One way to mitigate the memory consumption is to, among other things,
> compile packages with optimization of GCC set to -Os, instead of -O2,

What -Os is likely to give you is much better cache locality, which might
make the code run that much faster on certain conditions.

For Etch and Sid, it is probably a good idea to use -Os instead of -O2 at
least on the bigger arches (ia32, ia64, amd64, etc), as we can probably
trust gcc not to screw up.

> [2] Bear in mind that the compiler used in testing is gcc 4.0.3, while
>     sarge's default is 3.3.x.

You should never use -Os with old gcc AFAIK. It is buggy.

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