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Re: Debian DVD autostart

Hi Daniel,

I don't think I can really help you but here are some suggestions for
your consideration:

Daniel L. McGrew:
> I'm using outlook express as the newreader and it's not lists.debian.org or
> linux.debian.user... 

You will not make friends with many people, neither in mailing lists nor
on real newsgroups by using Outlook Express. Or at least, it is
unreasonably hard to create messages which will not annoy a lot of
people. Note because of the content, but because of the style.

And yes, style *is* a very important topic, especially on high-volume
lists like debian-user. Few people read every single message and if it
is hard to read a specific message, chances are high that many people
just skip it. Having your posts read by people is a privilege, not your
right. So keep those folks with their 80x25 text terminals in mind. They
might be the ones helping you out of trouble.

Mozilla Thunderbird belongs to the better programs for mail and news,
but there are others which may suit you better. Thunderbird's list
support isn't even very good, but at least it makes it hard to produce
unreadable messages (like yours--sorry).

Additionally, learn how to quote. Avoid top-posting. Good quotes make it
easy understand a single mail without looking up the complete thread
context. Oh, and threading may be of interest to you as well. :)

> 		Select the Quick (only creates the file system) radio button
> 	It tells me Error - The filesystem creation utility (/sbin/mkdostfs)
> reported the following errors: mkdosfs: /dev/fd0 contains a mounted file

This means that the floppy has already been mounted into your
filesystem. Run 'mount' in a terminal to see where it is mounted or just
try to run 'umount /dev/fd0' (note the lacking 'n' in 'umount'). You
might need to be root to unmount fd0.

> 	That signature is a little long... good thing we're using plain text
> and not formatted text... Thanks for the tip... I was hoping that
> customarily thing was a drawback to the days when filenames could not exceed
> 9 characters and junk like that... mere system limitations and then hardware
> limitations which should not be a very big concern these days,

Debian's mailing lists are archived "forever" (see
<http://lists.debian.org/>) and there are a lot of them and some have
constantly really high traffic. If you think about it, millions of
emails *can* become a space concern if they contain (for the archive)
useless and redundant information. Besides, there are still people using
a modem or other slow links to receive their mails. For these people it
does make a difference whether each of those 500 daily mails contains
1kB unnecessary information.

Apart from that, this is again a question of style. At least you should
mark the beginning of your signature with a line that just contains "-- "
so that other people's mail readers and editors will be able to
automatically strip it when replying to your mails or not display it at
all. But beware, Outlook express cannot do this since it automatically
removes the space at the end of the line. One more reason to use a
better program (and there are some, even for Windows :)).

> [...] I would image that at a
> certain point this message will disappear from the ether and even a hardcopy
> of won't exist after a time... nothing is truly wasted... all that space
> will be re-used by other messages being re-created in the great message
> universe... lol... 

The opposite is true. When publishing *anything* on the internet, you
should expect it to be there for quite a while. Keep that in mind or
this fact might hit you bad in the future...

> 	All that aside, if a group moderator ever says anything to me about
> it, [...]

Just by the way: this list is not moderated.

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