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Re: Debian DVD autostart

Daniel L. McGrew wrote:
> 	I have both Debian DVDs... However, I have a DELL Optiplex GX110 and
> it won't boot from a DVD... I can use a Win '98 boot floppy and get to a
> command prompt... once I do this, with CD-ROM support, I can see what's on
> the DVD... but, I can't get it to begin the installation... 
> 	What file or command do I use from the command prompt to get the
> Debian DVD number one to start installing on this computer???
> 	Also, I have tried to put the sbm.bin (1.4MB) on a floppy and it
> says that it is too big... do I just drag and drop this file onto the floppy
> or is there a way to execute sbm.bin and get it to build a boot floppy for
> me??? 
> 	If anyone has any tips on how to do any of these things please let
> me know... step-by-step instructions would be awesome, but I'll take any
> instructions... 
> 	Is there a way to view this mail-list via a news reader??? 
> 				Most sincerely, 

I'm not sure about Optiplex machines.  Are they regular workstations?  I
know that some PowerEdge servers require special non-standard modules to
be able to boot.  You may want to try and Google search for some thing
like "Debian on Dell" and see what you get.

I'm guessing that by "drag and drop" you mean that you are using
windows.  In that case, you can't just drag and drop.  You need a tool
like dd or rawrite to dump the image to the floppy.  Both of those
utilities can be found with a quick Google search.

You can view the list via a news reader, but you can only post via
email.  I believe the name of the newsgroup is linux.debian.user, but
you will have to confirm that.


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