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Re: swap and /tmp

> Digby Tarvin wrote:
> > I am thinking of using a tmpfs for /tmp, and would be interested
> > to hear any thoughts that others have on this issue.

On 28.04.06 20:41, Dennis Stosberg wrote:
> I use tmpfs for /tmp on all of my machines and have so far not found
> a good reason why I should not.

I use this for ages, I was born at Solaris which mounts /tmp on tmpfs since
early 90s, when Solaris 2 came out ;) without problems. I have even used
small ramdisks with 2.2 kernels.

The only problem is/was either virtual memory limitation or limitation of
/tmp partition. However, with 128MB of /tmp I don't have problems.
(Last time a problem happened when I downloaded more video files,
temporarily stored to /tmp)

I also use tmpfs for /var/lock and I've used is for /var/run until problems
raised with some debian packages expecting to have subdirs (with special
privileges) there. I filled up some bugreports and they were solved, but
they re-appeared a few times...

I even contacted FHS people (FHS says that files have to be cleaned upor
reboot on /var/run but it does not clearly says if directories may be
removed too), iirc because of my MySQL bug report.

I am not sure if this is a problem now, iirc, Debian developers have now
expect volatile behaviour of /var/run

> > Obviously it would mean that /tmp would be volatile, which sames
> > having to clean it up, but is sometimes annoying if you have grown
> > used to being able to leave things there...
> /tmp is volatile by definition.  See /etc/init.d/bootclean.sh on your
> Debian system.  Other distributions have similar mechanisms.

Solaris 2 and higher also expects /tmp to be completely empty after reboot.
Everything that expect anything to be in /tmp after reboot is broken.

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