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Re: What is the dd command ???

On Tue, May 02, 2006 at 10:19:16PM -0500, Daniel L. McGrew wrote:
> What is the dd command and how does it work??? I've never heard of it???

Dan, I'm getting mixed signals about what you are doing here, so bear
with me. In an earlier post you mentioned booting to a DOS prompt. In
another you mentioned something about trying to copy a floppy disk
image using konquerer. So, do you have a running linux install
somewhere that you have access to? Are you strictly windows only at
this point? Gimme the scoop man!

dd is a utility that make bit-for-bit copies of filesystems. It is a
GNU utility found on Linux (and other *nix) systems. If you don't have
a working linux install, then you need the win/dos program called
rawrite. I believe you can find it on your Debian DVD. You would use
that program to take a disk image file (such as boot.img) and make a
bootable floppy disk with it. This is different than a windows/dos
made bootable floppy in that it doesn't have any windows or dos system
on it. You use any blank floppy and the rawrite program to copy the
disk image over to the floppy. make sense? 

As I've said elsewhere, you need 3 floppies -- boot.img, root.img and
cd-drivers.img to get your system to boot into the debian installer.


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