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Re: Looks like it worked

Daniel L. McGrew wrote:
> 	It looks like it worked... it looks like it formatted the disk, but
> it still says that the file floppy.img (1.4MB) is still too large to put on
> it... 
> 	Hmmmmm... any ideas???

Are you using the dd command?  If so, exactly what command did you use
and what was the output.  That is much easier for us to diagnose than
"it said such and such."

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> - John 3:16 GOD's Holy BIBLE

Also, please don't top post (that is, you should start your replay at
the end of the previous message or interleave your comments).  Also,
people on this list generally do not like or prefer not to be CCd on
list mail.  This is a high traffic list and people don't want to receive
gratiutous messages.  Most people read the list fairly dilligently and
those who want to be CCd will let you know.


Roberto C. Sanchez

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