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Looks like it worked

	It looks like it worked... it looks like it formatted the disk, but
it still says that the file floppy.img (1.4MB) is still too large to put on
	Hmmmmm... any ideas???
					Most sincerely, 

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Subject: Re: Debian DVD autostart

On Tue, May 02, 2006 at 05:28:05PM -0500, Daniel L. McGrew wrote:
> on the floppy and that file sbm.bin was too large to copy to the floppy...
> also, I can't format the floppy... it mounts the floppy fine... it won't
> format any floppy... 

so far as I know, you can't format a mounted floppy. you must umount
it first. 


> 	Please tell me what am I doing wrong??? I can't figure it out... 

try this on a command line with an umounted floppy:

dd if=sbm.bin of=/dev/fd0

the sbm.bin file is a disk image. that is it is a bit-for-bit snapshot
of a floppy disk. dd will take that bit-for-bit image and write it,
bit-for-bit to the floppy disk. you will then be able to boot that

> 	Tried "Debian on Dell", no help...
> 	That signature is a little long... good thing we're using plain text
> and not formatted text... Thanks for the tip... I was hoping that
> customarily thing was a drawback to the days when filenames could not
> 9 characters and junk like that... mere system limitations and then
> limitations which should not be a very big concern these days, like how
> excited we all used to get when we got our first pair of 128 MB 30-pin
> chips... and a huge RLL 12 MByte hard drive... expensive stuff, but livin'
> large... lol... anyway, I was hoping that things like message length
> wouldn't be a very big consideration these anyway... the majority of
> mail, and news servers don't keep very long trails, histories, traffic
> reports, ect... size limiting stuff like that... I would image that at a
> certain point this message will disappear from the ether and even a
> of won't exist after a time... nothing is truly wasted... all that space
> will be re-used by other messages being re-created in the great message
> universe... lol... 

there are many people who use low-bandwidth connections, especially in
the linux world where often-times older hardware is continue on in its
second or third life now. ALso, due to the diversity of this
list, there are many subscribers who do not have access to high-speed
connections. Also, regarding plain vs. formatted text, well, a lot of
us use text based mail readers as well, so yes, it is nice that it's
not in html...

> 	All that aside, if a group moderator ever says anything to me about
> it, I always politely comply by trying to remember to shorten it, and use
> John 3:16 instead of 1 Corinthians 13:4 - 8, 13 ... all things considered
> this part of the message is much, much longer than the signature anyway...
> read plenty, but I don't post much anyway... 

well that's your choice, but note that people will be unhappy about
it. those of us who have mentioned it are trying to do you and
everyone else a favor by pointing out, politely, how you are ignoring
the customs and general practices of this list. 

> Thanks for the help...
> What does your signature look like???

well, I don't have one. but Roberto Sanchez, the original one of us to
point this out, has a 1-liner which doubles as a link to his website
that happens to contain lots of helpful debian information.



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