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Re: Debian DVD autostart from boot DOS prompt

On Tue, May 02, 2006 at 06:15:04PM -0500, Daniel L. McGrew wrote:
> 	Once I boot up with a floppy and get to a DOS prompt, what file or
> command do I use from the command prompt to get the Debian DVD (number one)
> to start installing on this computer???

First, have you read http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/i386/ ? 

there are many option listed there for how to install when you can't
boot from a cd/dvd drive. 

I'm confused. from your other posts I get the impression that you have
a running debian system somewhere... 

anyway, booting to a dos floppy is not the solution. you need to
either get a Smart Boot Manager floppy going (check out rawrite.exe as
a means to create the floppy from dos/win.) that may allow you to boot
the dvd drive. Or you can use the floppy images as you've mentioned

> In the install folder:
> 	Folders:
> 		2.6
> 		Floppy
> 	Files					Size
> 		Initrd.qz			2.8MB		- will not
> start
> 		README.sbm			1.8KB		- will not
> start
> 		Sbm.bin			1.4MB		- will not start
> 		Vmlinuz			797.1KB	- will not start
> In the floppy folder:
> 	Folders				Size
> 		Access			
> 	Files
> 		Boot.img			1.4MB		- will not
> start
> 		cd-drivers.img		1.4MB		- will not start
> 		net-drivers.img		1.4MB		- will not start
> 		root.img			1.4MB		- will not
> start
> 	I certainly cannot put all that information onto a single floppy...
> do I just copy the images from the floppy directory and paste them onto
> several floppies... or what??? 
> 	I would appreciate any help that I can get...

again, using rawrite.exe (or if you have another linux box going, dd)
you'll need to make floppies of boot.img, root.img and either
cd-drivers.img or net-drivers.img depending on how you want to do
this. Frankly, if you've got a decent net connection, I'd go with the
net-drivers.img, but that's your choice. I have some minor concerns as
to whether the cd-drivers.img will see your dvd drive or not, but
maybe others can answer that. Certainly doesn't hurt to try. 

So now, in the first situation above, using SBM, and provided it can
see your dvd drive, you'll select that, it will boot the dvd for you
and you're off into the debian installer. wee...

In the second situation, you'll boot the machine with the boot.img
floppy. It'll prompt you for boot options and then ask for the
root.img floppy. That will put you into the installer. You'll have the
option to add drivers from another floppy (cd- or net-drivers.img) to
continue the installation. 



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dan, much better. thanks for this.


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