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Re: OT: Politics [Was:Social Contract]

Matthias Julius wrote:
> Why is that so?  Just because it is a public school?  Why is a public
> school by definition so different from a private school?  Is there no
> way of making a public school more (cost-)efficient?

    Yes.  We're discussing it right now.  :P

    Seriously though which is the general rule; a cost-efficient government
program or a cost-inefficient government program?  Generally it's the latter
by a wide margin.

    I boils down to incentives.  In a business there is a drive to be
cost-efficient because there is competition.  If they do the job better and
cheaper they get more business you lose out.  In government there is a drive
to be cost-inefficient.  The more you overrun your budget the greater a chance
the budget is increased to cover "much needed expenses."  The government, in
turn, doesn't demand cost-efficiency because it doesn't have to sell itself to
anyone based on that criteria.  It sells itself on how much it "does for the
voter", cost be damned.

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