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Re: OT: Politics [Was:Social Contract]

Cybe R. Wizard wrote:
> US $9,900,000,000 (billion) profits /by one oil company/ in one
> quarter when retail prices were skyrocketing.  Does that seem like the
> oil cartel has the American interests at heart?

    Didn't I address just this in a message 2 days ago?  I make a widget for
$1, sell it for $1.10, make $.10 and everything's ok.  I make 2 trillion
widgets for $1, sell them for $1.10, make 20 billion and there's a
congressional hearing into the matter even though the price per widget, my
profit margin, never changed.

    The media never reports profit margins.  Never reports volumes sold.
Never reports anything other than profits as if, somehow, you're supposed to
/make less/ when you *sell more*!

    Furthermore didn't I also point out that it is kind if blind to, weeks
ago, complain about America's foreign dependence on oil and then this week
ignore how that foreign oil might just be affecting prices?  Didn't I point
out that 2-3 years ago OPEC member states, completely in the open, announced
they were going to fix the price of a barrel of oil high?  Yes I did and yes I

    So exactly what kind of doublethink does it take to not follow that chain.
 "Hmmm, gas prices are high, oil companies have to buy most of their oil from
foreign sources, the largest of those sources announced years ago they were
going to set the prices extremely high...  the oil companies are the
problem!!!"   *sigh*

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