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Re: OT: Politics [Was:Social Contract]

Quoting Willie Wonka <floydstestemail@yahoo.com>:

I'm no fan of any politician (in general) - but Bush-winkle and his
republicrat cronies just "allowed", through duplicity, for the events
that occurred on 9-11, by not paying any heed at all to any of the
warnings - specifically and intentionally *turning a blind eye* until
tradgedy occcurs. In doing so, he knew all to well that (with time)
some form of a catastrophic 'attempt'(atleast) was to eventually and
inevitably happen. Well - what'd-ya-know...looky that. Christmas and
New Years on the same day for the top Bozos...and all their friends who
spent millions buying up military-industrial-complex stock alll
throughout the 90's. It's payback time for us good ol' boys...and at
YOUR expense...te-he-he-he.

Ok.  You need to go and read up on your history.  Clinton had
*multiple* opportunities to kill/capture/stop bin Laden.  He gave them
up. He is the one that turned a blind eye. Given that he was recently found to be lobbying for the government of Dubai, I would say that is for more damning evidence of involvement in some conspiracy than all these people running around claiming W planned 9/11 so he could pass all these new laws.


In 1993, the first World Trade Center bombing killed six people.

In 1998, the bombing of two U.S. embassies in Africa killed 224.

Both were the work of al-Qaida and bin Laden, who in 1998 declared
holy war on America, making him arguably the most wanted man in the

In 1998, President Clinton announced, ?We will use all the means at
our disposal to bring those responsible to justice, no matter what or
how long it takes.?

NBC News has obtained, exclusively, extraordinary secret video, shot
by the U.S. government.  It illustrates an enormous opportunity the
Clinton administration had to kill or capture bin Laden. Critics call
it a missed opportunity.

That article was from MSNBC.  It's not even FoxNews and they admit
that Clinton blew it.

Here are a few more:


Still don't believe me?

Go and read the book "Dereliction of Duty" by Buzz Patterson for a
*first hand* account about one of the opportunities in 1998.  Clinton
couldn't be bothered to give the launch order when military fighters
had the building where bin Laden was *in their sights*.  Know why?  He
was playing golf with his brother-in-law.

The fact that bin Laden was still around when Bush took office is a
simply a testament to Clinton's ineptitude in employing the military

Now, granted I am not all that thrilled with Bush's prosecution of the
so-called "war on terror."  However, you can't deny that he was handed
a hot potato by the Clinton administration.

As far as buying military and defense contractor stock in the '90s,
there is nothing wrong with that.  The military had been drastically
cut.  Those companies were in trouble and stock was cheap.  Those
people were betting that defense spending would rebound.  Why do you
have to be upset at them for taking an economic risk?  What about
people that Chrysler stock when that company was bankrupt?  Are you
mad at them becuase they made a bet and won?  Was Lee Ioccoca there to
"pay back" his buddies?

Perpetuating the myth that anything else actually occurred up until
that fateful morning, is not only offensive, but blasphemous and
Bozo-Stomp! worthy.

I agree.  To continue to ignore that this is fundamentally Clinton's
responsbility is reprehensible.  BTW, why isn't congress calling for a
censure or charging of Clinton for criminal negligence in this case?
Oh, is because wae all like him and he is charismatic?

Let's not forget also: our "Oilmen" in the BlackHouse need to make
profits (hand over fist - and at YOUR cost) - Any and all of the little
bozos who voted these chumps 'back' in for 4 more years are more than
disgusting ...they're friggin' idiots! Madison avenue critters and
bottom feeders can actually sway public opinion by using choice
terminology. Thats what $$$ can buy (and that's not all it can buy). An
Uneducated populous you say?...but ofcourse.

- Please explain in simple, economically sound terms (using math),
*how* the oil companies are profiting hand over fist, at our expense
- I am not a bozo, I am knowledgable and well educated (about to
finish an M.S. in CompEng) and I voted for Bush, *gasp* even though I
*didn't* like him.  Know why?  Even though I didn't like him, he was
still better than the alternative.


Roberto C. Sanchez

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