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Re: OT: Preposition at end [Was: Ha-Ha! [Was:Politics [Was:Social Contract]]]

hendrik@topoi.pooq.com wrote:
Preposition at end is not forbidden by English grammar. I quote Fowler, "Modern English Usage", from the article "Preposition at End":

"The fact is that the remarkable freedom enjoyed by English in putting its prepositions late & omitting its relatives is an important element in the flexibility of the language."
Hmm; I always thought that prepositions were to be avoided at the end of sentences. It's very often felt convoluted to me to try to make a statement with this concept in mind. I'm so glad you posted this; I'm now Free! W00t!

(And speaking of Freedom, anyone ever heard of that newfangled OS, Debian? I hear it's the Hots, baby. ;-) )


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