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moving root partition

Can any tell me the appropriate way of convincing Debian that the
root filesystem has moved to a new partition?

I repartitioned the system disk a few days ago, and after updating
/etc/fstab and /boot/grub/menu.lst everthing was working fine..

But when I 'dpkg -i' a new kernel, the old partition number
reappeared in /boot/grub/menu.lst - which of course didn't
help booting the new kernel :-/

I assume Debian has some knowledge of which partition is the
root partition secreted somewhere, but I havn't found it yet.

Parhaps there was some sort of 'reconfigure' command I am supposed
to run when the partitioning changes??

Also, having tried a new kernel and installed with 'dpkg -i', is
it safe to just remove the files from /root and edit it out of
/boot/grub, or is it better to use pkg or apt to do it?

Digby R. S. Tarvin                                          digbyt(at)digbyt.com

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