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Re: How do you grow brocolli?

Kent West wrote:
> Ron Johnson wrote:
> > George H. W. Bush made the famous campaign promise:
> >     Read my lips: no new taxes!
> >
> > Dan Quayle was his VP, and famously misspelled "potatoe".
> >   
> 1. The spelling card Quayle was holding, given to him by the school 
> authorities putting on the spelling bee, had the "e" on the word.
> 2. "potatoe" is an acceptable, albeit archaic, spelling.
> 3. The audience in the room, including the Press corps, the
> the superintendent, and the teacher who had written "potatoe" on the 
> card, applauded when the student added the "e" at Quayle's urging.
> I daresay that the Press and anti-Quayle forces made a mountain out
of a 
> molehill, and did so with not a little hypocrisy involved.
> (Note, I'm not particularly a fan of Quayle; really don't have an 
> opinion one way or the other about him, but I despise the Press' 
> spin-mongering, and don't much care for continued spread of 
> misrepresentations as gospel. No offense to Ron; just hoping to shine
> little light on the subject.)
> -- 
> Kent

You mean like "Nuclear", as opposed to 'Dubbya's' *Nucular* pronunciation???

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