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Re: Performance issue on Stable

On Tuesday, April 25, 2006 4:50 PM GMT,
Bill Moseley <moseley@hank.org> wrote:

On Tue, Apr 25, 2006 at 04:33:20PM +0100, IraqiGeek wrote:
The Athlon XP 1800+ should be running at 1533MHz and not 1150MHz. It
seems to me that your bus is running at 200MHz instead of 266MHz. If
its a new setup, check the motehrboard manual, there should either
be a jumper or a DIP switch to change the bus to 266MHz or you
should have that option in the BIOS. Your system's performance after
getting the bus speed corrected should increase by at least 50%.

Thanks for the top.  That Athlon machine is a few years old, so maybe
there's a reason for the slower bus -- but I'll look into it.

But in this case it's the Intel Xeon that's running slow (compared to
the Athlon).

So I'm looking for a few benchmarking ideas to isolate what might be
the reason for the "faster" server's poor performance.

I had that same processor a few years back. The minimum bus speed for Athlon XPs is 266MHz.

As far as performance, those early P4s and Xeons werent any real performers. My old XP 1800+ rig with 512MB was on par with a 2.4GHz Northwood P4 (512KB, 400MHz bus) in most tasks that I could throw at it.

at the time, I have read some threads around the net saying that those 1.8GHz P4s' and Xeons were in many cases slower than the the Pentium IIIs (1.4GHz, 512KB cache).


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