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Re: problem to run faubackup from cron

Florian Kulzer wrote:

>On Mon, Apr 24, 2006 at 10:01:11 +0200, Dexter wrote:
>>i have installed program "faubackup". It is running fine.  I have
>>created cron job:
>>faubackup -vL source_dir destination_dir
>>This command is running fine from command line. But cron gives folloving
>>/bin/sh: line 1: faubackup: command not found
>>Do you have idea what is wrong?
>Try to specify the full path in the crontab
>/usr/sbin/faubackup -vL source_dir destination_dir
>If it runs in your normal user's crontab (and there is no reason why it
>should not), then /usr/sbin/ will probably not be included in $PATH.
>(It might work as the normal user from the command line because $PATH
>can be different for interactive shells.)
You are right with env. variable $PATH. But using command
/usr/sbin/faubackup did not help, becouse faubackup use other programs
from /usr/sbin. I searched more on internet about this and I found out,
that best (only) solution is put enviroment variable definition in
crontab file.
Thanks for advice

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