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Re: distributions: UBUNTU vs DEBIAN

On Thursday 20 April 2006 05:19, Attila Horvath wrote:
> Dear Debians,
> I instaled UBUNTU only recently on my laptop to give it a test drive.
> What is the difference between UBUNTU and DEBIAN
> installations/distributions?

Both are excellent distributions. Both have its advantages and their own
disadvantages. We can only list the advantages and disadvantages of each. How
much weight you give to each criterion varies from individual to individual.

1) multiple architecture support
   Debian wins over Ubuntu

2) Predicted releases
   Ubuntu wins over Debian

3) community support
   Both are reasonably good

4) Stability
   Very subjective. But I would go with Debian Stable at any point of time
	 over Ubutnu's stable.

5) maintanence headaches (also known as "having fun")
   In Debian, it depends on whether you are running stable/testing/unstable.
	 See Q13 of
	 I am not competent enough to comment about Ubuntu's maintanence headaches.

6) Have something up and running in no time for a desktop
   Ubuntu wins over debian any moment.

7) Social contract, Constitution, adherence to strict policy, free software
   Debian wins over Ubuntu

8) What if the billionaire behind Ubuntu withdraws monetary support for
	 Nothing happens to Debian. You can imagine the state of Ubuntu!

To conclude, both have their own core competencies. Whatever you can do in
one, can be done in another (but the difficulty might vary). Give Debian a try
and see if you like it. If you dont like it, let us know. That will atleast
give us an idea of what it takes to attract new comers.



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