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Re: GRUB will not load

the last message was GRUB loader something 1.5.
GRUB loading, please wait...
i also just found the lilo boot loader and installed that after repartitioning and installing, and this loader is displaying for the last few minutes 9 1/2 lines of 99 99 99 99, i am installing these loaders to the root partition, should i try installing elsewhere or is the problem going to persist?
Bill Marcum <bmarcum@iglou.com> wrote:
On Wed, Apr 19, 2006 at 04:47:50PM -0700, Xplicit Language wrote:
> i see other people have been having a similar issue with GRUB not loading,
> my issue is from a hdd, after installation, GRUB loaded fine on this
> computer when i was testing to see if i would be interested in
> trying out linux, but when i transferred the hdd and formatted and
> reinstalled GRUB would and still will not load, i waited nearly a
> hour.
What exactly was the last message on the screen while you were waiting
for grub to load?

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