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Re: RAID Sizes (was Re: Why do people in the UK put a u in the word color?)

Willie Wonka wrote:


Contextually though, they are completely different - like oh say using
the acronym *IDE* , which can be Integrated Device Electronics -or-
Integrated Development Environment ((in most 'computer' circles) and
completely dependent upon the context of it's use).
oh, the heck with it, lol ;-)

Umm, it should be "ATA", not "IDE". "IDE" is a packaging issue, while
"ATA" is an interface spec.


BTW - if anyone's a Jeweler, would the 'K' (Karat) ever be used in
combination with a 'B' ? (capital or lowercase)....and I never could
remember if Karat is with a 'K' or a 'C' :doh:

Well, I used to work as a watchmaker, and I can't think of any
context where "KB" stands together as written with "K" meaning

Note that "carat" and "karat" are both words, but they mean
different things. The first is the name of the unit of weight
for gem stones, the latter is the name for the unit of fineness
of gold in 1/24 parts.

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