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Re: Cameras.

Mitja Podreka wrote:
> I have long and pleasing experience with Canon PowerShot A60/70/80
> series and all I can say that they are very good cameras, with lots of
> functions and functionalities. The good point of Canon is that they
> know how to make high-end professional cameras and they are using
> their knowledge also in the compact cameras. This is probably true
> also for Nikon cameras, but I have no experiences with their digital
> models. Lately I've started to use PowerShot G6. Excelent, top-end
> compact camera, but it might just be outside your price range. 

Agreed. I have a Canon PowerShot A610 and it's a great camera for my
needs (which are a combination of auto-exposed snapshots and manual
exposures). It worked immediately with gphoto2 (and gthumb and gtkam),
although not yet with f-spot.

My AT-1, though, still won't work with Debian. I can't seem to find a
USB port on it anywhere...


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