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Re: Xorg upgrade troubles

On Thu April 13 2006 11:59, Michael Ott wrote:
> Hello!
> > Some special keys do not work anymore
> > =====================================
> > Cannot switch to virtual consoles with Alt-Ctrl-F1
> >
> > Dead keys (ˇ) do not work anymore (e.g. for characters like Ž)
> Try this:
> setxkbmap -rules "xorg" -model "pc105" -layout "de"
> This worked for me. After that i can reset the keyboard preference for
> my Gnome Desktop. But I believe that you have to change the values of
> the parameter

After upgrading I also have the problem of not being able to switch to virtual 
consoles. I tried your suggestion and it works fine (although I 
substituted "us" for "de" in the layout).

I have put that in a script which is run on startup of KDE. However, is there 
someway to do this for all users upon startup of X rather than individually 
putting the script in each user's Autostart directory? If there is a way to 
do it... well, how?


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