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/tmp/dbprof prevents login via kdm

I am trying to set up a second user on my system (Debian Etch, running a self-
compiled KDE 3.5.2, but using the default Etch version of kdm). I find that when 
using kdm to log in to KDE, only the first user to log in actually succeeds. When 
another user subsequently tries to log in, KDE startup fails because of permissions 
on the file /tmp/dbprof. This file by that time already exists and is owned by the 
first user to log in, and is therefore not writable. I haven't tested to find out 
whether the problem is specifically to do with KDE, or whether all desktops/window 
managers are affected.

Any ideas on what is the best way of dealing with this? One option would be to 
delete it in the logout scripts. But what creates /tmp/dbprof, and why? I'm told on 
a KDE mailing list that the file is not created by KDE.

David Jarvie.

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