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Re: Why do people in the UK put a u in the word color?

sanchez@mytrashmail.com wrote:

Why do people in the UK put a u in the word color?

Because that is how the word should be spelled. A more appropriate question would have been "Why do people in the US omit the all important "u" from the word colour?"

It *is* our language, old chap. English I mean. You can think of the "UK" version, as you put it (ignoring the fact that the UK has many speakers of Welsh and many variations of Gaelic), as the mother tongue.

Many similarly themed questions could be pitched in here...

Why have our transatlantic cousins chosen to bastardise (or bastardize if you're illiterate) the word "theatre"?

Why is "utilise" (or "utilize" if the mother tongue isn't your thing) - surely the ugliest word in the English language, wherever you learned it - in such widespread use?

And more important than any of the above. Why are you posting such off topic dross to a linux mailing list when there are many far more suitable and forums on which to ask?

Is it because you're stupid? Probably not. Even the ability to punctuate a sentence will generally preclude that these days.

Is it because you're trying to get a rise (a yank phrase if ever there was one) out of the list community? This seems more likely with such a boring, no-personal-effort-on-your-part question.

I don't need an answer.

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