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Re: udev vs. usbmgr

Adam Hardy wrote:
steef on 11/04/06 15:20, wrote:
hi list,

read some disturbing and some re-assuring messages about udev which standard is installed as part of my sarge distro, standard kernel 2.6.8-2-386.

who can/will give me a weighted judgement about udev version 0.05x in comparison to packages like usbmgr and the like?

udev version 0.05x? I'm using 0.079 (quoted as the most recent 'stable' build) and in debian's package repositories, it's up to version 0.088.

I am currently having a major problem with it (see my mail titled "udev not happy" on this list), but beforehand it worked fine and was fast enough.


thanks: i 'll have a close look.


steef van duin
journalist, publicist

groningen, netherlands

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