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Problem w/ NetworkManager and wpasupplicant


I'm using using wpasupplicant and networkmanager (both latest versions)
on Debian/Sid.

The problem is that after the latest upgrade, mi wireless card does not
connect to the network. nm-applet does show the available networks, but
it won't connect to them. After fiddling around, I found that
wpasupplicant wasn't running, so doing:

wpasupplicant -iath0 -Dmadwifi -c/etc/wpasupplicant.conf 

solves the problem. But I can't figure out why it doesn't work without
doing this, as networkmanager used to make this work flawlessly.

On a (maybe) related issue, although wpasupplicant is installed,
synaptic shows it as in need of upgrading. I've upgraded with no errors,
but synaptic still thinks it needs upgrade after that.

I had built a custom version with apt-build, so I think that might be
the root of the problem. I've tried to clean the apt-get and apt-build
repositories, but the problem persist

Any ideas?


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