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squirrelmail-configure changed mysteriously


I am running Squirrelmail 1.4.6-1 on a system that is mostly sarge
with some etch packages. This morning, tripwire reported that
/usr/sbin/squirrelmail-configure has changed and indeed, in line 388,
'Organization Title' was changed to 'Organization Ditle'.

I am not aware of upgrading Squirrelmail recently, and even if I had,
the introduction of this typo as the only change to squirrelmail-configure
seems quite odd. The times tamp on the file was March 10th - quite a while

Now, of course, I am quite concerned that someone may have been
tampering with my system - though, again, it would seem odd to do
something that obvious, yet pointless. 
Can anyone offer any alternative explanations as to what may have
happened there? Any input would be appreciated.


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