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Re: xorg config-problem -- no mouse (on laptop with synaptics touchpad)

Søren Christensen wrote:
On Thu, Apr 06, 2006 at 10:44:00AM +0200, Florian Kulzer wrote:

Quite possibly you can fix this by finding the new device node of your
touchpad and putting that into your xorg.conf. The device node is
probably in the /dev/input directory, for example /dev/input/mouse0. A
quick way to try it is to become root and run

cat /dev/input/mouse0 | hd


cat /dev/input/mouse1 | hd


in /dev/input/ I find 13 files:

I get the same message, with each file: no such device

That might indicate a problem with udev: If the device is there it
should be possible to read from it. (If you pick the wrong device you
should simply get no output when you move your fingers across the
touchpad, but you should not get this error.)

If I remember correctly the upgrade from Sarge to Etch takes you from an
old version of udev which still depends on hotplug to a newer version of
udev which includes the hotplug functionality and hence conflicts with
the hotplug package. This will lead to the removal of hotplug, and
problems can arise if its configuration files remain in place. Check the
status of udev and hotplug on your system:

dpkg -l udev
dpkg -l hotplug

Maybe that will give us a clue where things go wrong.


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