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Re: changing group names

Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:

This may be common knowledge but it was news to me.

I have lets say three partitions:
1 home partition and 2 Sarge partitions. These refer to the home partition.

Examining the home files for group names you might notice that they differ depending on what partition root is on.

I examine /home/joe and it's user:group may be joe:joe from one root partition but mary:mary from the other.

You straighten it out with:
chown -R joe:joe /xxx/.../home/joe

But everytime you switch root partitions you have to do that.

Must mean that group names refer to indices and not actual names?

The file system does not store "names" in the inodes, it stores
uids. But ls translates uids into names using passwd. Things
get more complicated when you have multiple machines, using NFS,
because each machine has its own idea of which name goes with
which uid. So a file you copy using cp may not belong to you
on the other machine. There are solutions to this.

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