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Re: filename prefixes while transfering images from memory cards

H.S. wrote:

In gtkam, and maybe also in digikam, when we connect a camera and
download images to the hard disk, we can specify the destination folder
and also filename prefixes (along with dates IIRC) and get appropriate
image file names, e.g. 20060404_funpicnic.jpg. This is very helpful in
sorting the pictures.

I was wondering, can this be done when I am transfering images from a
memory card (through a card reader) instead of from a camera directly?

Adding a prefix to all the files in a directory is as easy as

for i in *; do mv $i prefix$i; done

(tested under bash). So one approach is to copy the files from the memory card to a temporary directory and run the above command.

More such goodies can be learned by reading "The Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide" (apt-get install abs-guide).

Does that help solve your problem?



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