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Re: lists.debian.org vs google groups

Pascal Hakim wrote:
On Mon, Apr 03, 2006 at 10:21:47AM -0400, kamaraju kusumanchi wrote:
John Hasler wrote:
raju writes:
Is there anything that can be done with lists.debian.org that cannot be
done through google groups?
Is there anything that can be done with google groups that cannot be
done through lists.debian.org?
Can be done - no.
Will be done - yes.

1) In google groups, we can set 'only members can post' option. This can be done with lists.debian.org as well. But listsmasters' decision is to not do it.

This hasn't been done as we want people to be able to contribute as
easily as possible. Emails that come from non-subscribers are placed
through an extra spam check (the one we call crossassassin), which is
actually quite effective. It's stopped 590 spam emails from being
posted in the 65 hours.
Is the crossassassin something specific to d-u or is it used for all the lists on lists.debian.org? I ask because, some lists like debian-www receive much more spam from non-subscribers than the amount of "non-subscriber spam" received by d-u.



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