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Re: lists.debian.org vs google groups

On 2006-04-03, kamaraju kusumanchi penned:
> The advantages I see are
> (1) A web interface to subscribe/unsubscribe and change mail/digest/no 
> email options. So we will not see those unsubscribe emails.

Disadvantage: It requires using a web interface to post.  Everyone who
enjoys using a browser form rather than their own customized text
editor, raise your hand.

> Is there anything that can be done with lists.debian.org that cannot be 
> done through google groups?

Sure.  Right now I use gmane to read d-u.  That means that I can
actually view it as a newsgroup.  I don't think that is possible using
google groups.  You also lose the power of all of the filtering that
can be done via procmail, maildrop, etc.  I bet a lot of long-time
posters here have developed all sorts of ways of processing these


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