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Re: How can I check that my RAID/LVM drives are really working?

I have insured there is limited activity and no users on the machine and
pulled the main HDD out. ONLY do this if the HDD's are hot-swapable.

It is the roughest test you can do on a RAID system. BUT if it fails over
to the second drive; test one passes.
IF after some time passes and activity make changes to that drive, slap the
first one back in. IF it sense the drive and starts syncing it; test two

Your RAID system works as advertised.

Why to I do it that way? When it comes to H/W driven devices and events I
don't trust what s/w says.

>hendrik@topoi.pooq.com writes:
>> I have Reiser on LVM2 on RAID.
>> At least, that's what I tried to set up.
>> How can I check that that's what I'm really getting?
>> Presumably running mount will tell me whether it's really reiser.
>> But what can I do to enquire what the logical volumes are made of?
>> And whether I' erally getting a RAID instead of just reading and writing 
>> to one of the physical partitions the RAID-1 is supposed to be made of.
>vgdisplay will tell you what PVs your LVM is using.
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