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How can I check that my RAID/LVM drives are really working?

I have Reiser on LVM2 on RAID.
At least, that's what I tried to set up.
How can I check that that's what I'm really getting?

Presumably running mount will tell me whether it's really reiser.
But what can I do to enquire what the logical volumes are made of?
And whether I' erally getting a RAID instead of just reading and writing 
to one of the physical partitions the RAID-1 is supposed to be made of.

Maybe I'm just being paranoid.  I suspect a few months ago I had 
problems with just this -- that my LVM was being recognised on a 
physical partition instead of on the RAID.  At least, that was one 

A reinstall from scratch a month ago using etch instead of sarge may 
have solved the problem, but ...

How can I tell for sure?  If things are not as they should be, I'd like 
to find out when I can still fix then, rahter than, say, when one of my 
physical drives fails and I discover the RAID wasn't a RAID.

-- hendrik

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