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Re: bluetooth

On Sun, 2 Apr 2006 12:56:47 +0200
Hendrik Sattler <post@hendrik-sattler.de> wrote:

> Christoph Simon wrote:
> > I was asked to set up a service which would allow anybody having a
> > bluetooth enabled device (celphone, pda, etc) to retrieve some file
> > using a debian box. Unfortunately, I'm really green with bluetooth, I
> > don't even own such a device myself. Thus I would like to ask if
> > somebody could give me the missing hint, maybe in form of a quick
> > roadmap, telling me that I need to set up this or that server, or what
> > ever.
> You need the packages:
> bluez-utils

Already installed, thanks.

> obexftp(>= 0.19) or ussp-push

This is debian stable. current version is obexftp 0.10.7 and no
ussp-push in apt-cache. Does this mean that obexftp in debian stable
is nonfunctional?

> If you want a GUI:
> kdebluetooth

No, thanks.

> To scan for bluetooth devices:
> hcitool scan

This worked. also inq. But it took some time for me to find out that I
have to make the celphone announce itself first.

> To send a file to a phone using OBEX-Push:
> obexftp -H -S -U none -b bl:ue:to:ot:ha:dd file.name

Here, -HSU are invalid options to obexftp. I will assume (unless told
otherwise) the obexftp version in debian stable to be badly broken, as
the pairing was correctly intiated (as shown in daemon.log) but not
answered. At the contrary it caused the celphone to reboot (!).

Thank's for the help. I'll search for a backport or try to compile the
newer version my self.


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