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Re: bluetooth

Christoph Simon wrote:
> I was asked to set up a service which would allow anybody having a
> bluetooth enabled device (celphone, pda, etc) to retrieve some file
> using a debian box. Unfortunately, I'm really green with bluetooth, I
> don't even own such a device myself. Thus I would like to ask if
> somebody could give me the missing hint, maybe in form of a quick
> roadmap, telling me that I need to set up this or that server, or what
> ever.

You need the packages:
obexftp(>= 0.19) or ussp-push

If you want a GUI:

To scan for bluetooth devices:
hcitool scan

To send a file to a phone using OBEX-Push:
obexftp -H -S -U none -b bl:ue:to:ot:ha:dd file.name


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