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Re: Problem with acpi

Matthias Pfeifer wrote:
Hi there,

Florian Kulzer <florian@molphys.leidenuniv.nl> wrote in

Matthias Pfeifer wrote:

i have acpid-1.0.4 (the standard testing version) and acpitool 0.4.0.
when i do a "acpitool -s" the system suspends (to ram). The only way
to wake it up seems to be to press the powerbutton. However this is
then recognized by the awakening system and... it is shutting down...
is this standard behaviour?

I had the same problem on my laptop. I made a small change to
/etc/acpi/powerbtn.sh, adding the following line right after the
comment section:

[ -e /tmp/powerbtn_flag_hibernate ] && rm -f
/tmp/powerbtn_flag_hibernate && exit 0

It got it working with a similar script. But in my case there seem to be
4 Button/Sleep and 2 Button/Power events when i hit the Sleep Button and
also Button/Sleep-Events seem to get triggered randomly beginning right
after the system is loaded completely (ie all the init scripts are executed).

That might be a problem with ACPI. I know that a lot of people have
complaints about ACPI support; on some hardware it seems to be a pain in
the neck, sometimes the BIOS is broken, etc. What I wrote in my first
answer is based on my experiences with an Asus M2400N laptop running
Debian Sid. With this configuration it works very well, using the
acpi_asus module of newer kernels and the "hibernate" package for
suspend-to-ram. On other hardware the situation might be quite different.

You could try to look for your laptop model on tuxmobil.org or
www.linux-laptop.net and check if somebody else has already found a way
to make it work nicely. Otherwise you can post more information about
the hardware here and hope that someone on the list knows more about it.


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