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WebDAV apache2


I'm attempting to install webDAV on a Sarge box with Apache2. I've
enabled DAV via my sites-enabled with the following syntax:

	                Alias /~steve123 /home/steve123/public_html
			<Location /~steve123>
			 DAV On
			 AuthType Digest
			 AuthName "webdav-public_html"
			AuthDigestFile /home/steve123/digest-password
		        Require valid-user

It works in the sense that I can log via a DAV client, however I cannot
add or delete anything. I've tried this with two clients, cadaver and
Dreamweaver 8.

Does anyone have an idea of where, I set the permissions, in order for WebDAV to work in terms of being able to delete and add ?


P.S. I'm not subscribed to the list, so "cc's" are appreciated.
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