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Re: Firefox always prints landscape

Justin Guerin wrote:
Kent West wrote:

Using Sid, 2.6.11-1-686, cupsys

Printing from OpenOffice.org is fine, but whenever I try to print from
Firefix, the output comes out in Landscape with the top part of the text
chopped off. The Print Preview looks fine.
And printing to a .ps file and looking at the result via gv looks fine.
  export $XPSERVERLIST=`/etc/init.d/xprint get_xpserverlist`

like some Google pages indicate, I get this error:

  bash: export: `=:64': not a valid identifier
When you export, take the dollar sign out of the front.  If you leave in the
dollar sign, the shell substitutes the current value, then proceeds.
Ah, that makes a difference. I'm not sure if I typed that wrong on my box, or if it's wrong in the google page I found, but this is good info. Thanks!

Now I get:
westk[@westek]:/home/westk:> xplsprinters
printer: Helpdesk@:64
printer: xp_ps_spooldir_HOME_Xprintjobs@:64
printer: xp_pdf_spooldir_HOME_Xprintjobs@:64
which looks much more promising.

Unfortunately, the page still comes out Landscape. D'oh!


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